Established in 2018, HOLIX WATERSPORTS IS EGYPT’S PREMIUM ONLINE STORE FOR WATERSPORTS EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES. Born out of a kitesurfing distribution business that supplied end customers and kite schools around Egypt since 2013, HOLIX evolved into a supplier of all water sports needs ranging from the most basic accessories to full gear kits.


Our team is led by true water sports addicts, riding hard and passionately since 1992. Hence, the name HOLIX, stemming from the suffix holic, referring to an abnormal desire towards something specific. This defines who we all are at our very inner core. From sun up to sun down, it is our inner holic that controls our every pulse. Our senses become one with nature, always on the watch for the slightest hint of optimal conditions to fuel that inner fire. And once it hits, there is no control, we just leave whatever it is we’re doing and head out to master what defines who we really are. We are HOLIX.


Our team has been through it all, water skiing, wake boarding, wind surfing, kayaking, stand up paddling, kite surfing, and sailing. Whatever the water sport, we’ve gained the knowledge and experience to recommend the right and best gear for your needs. Choose your obsession and we have you covered. We have a wide distribution and delivery network across Egypt with the best customer and after sales service in town.


Since 2000, Cabrinha, a subsidiary of the Pryde Group, has climbed the ranks to take the position as the leading kitesurfing brand, selling in over 40 countries worldwide. Inspired and driven by Maui-based waterman, Pete Cabrinha, the company produces everything from kites to boards to accessories and sponsors the top athletes in the sport.


The Cabrinha approach to kiteboarding has evolved very much from the same philosophy that Pete has applied to his many years of surfing. By keeping an open mind to all styles of riding and embracing new technologies, Cabrinha has been able to lead kitesurfing into a new era of performance. Our research and development facility in Maui is perfectly situated for testing in any and all wind and water conditions. This, combined with our own state of the art production facility, assures consistency and accuracy from design to production.



Ozone is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Kites and Paragliders, created around a dedicated team of passionate riders and pilots that share the same outstanding passion for nature, exciting sports and progress.

Keeping true to our philosophy of creating products that we love to use, we extend that same passion into every aspect of the brand, working hard to innovate not only the products we create but also in our business practice and manufacturing process.
We are proud of what we do and of who we are. Our core mission is to progress our sport through technological innovation, intensive R&D and sustainable business models. We are a product led company.

We believe you will feel the difference
Our products conjure an experience that is nearly impossible to put into words. Invoking emotion, excitement, exhilaration and joy, the Ozone ‘feeling’ is something that transcends the product itself. Ozone kites and boards provide a sensation unlike any other – a sensation that is wonderfully cohesive, yet novel and surprising every ride. This feeling is what Ozone is known for and we invite you to experience it too.

The North brand started in 1957 when Olympic gold medallist and trained engineer, Lowell North, sought to change the world of sailing through precision technology. North pioneered advanced computer modeling in the design and manufacture processes with his understanding of sail forces and structural loads. Just like our founder, North’s designers and makers are fascinated by the interplay of the elements and the eternal principles of physics. Our ambition of launching a new era in kiteboarding began in 2018 with the end of a long-standing third-party licensing agreement and our decision to join forces with MBrands, under a new umbrella called North Actionsports Group. Together as North Actionsports Group we form a powerful alliance of passionate, world-class kiters determined to make kiteboarding more visible, more accessible and to take our sport to the next level on the global stage.

At North we are drawn to nature’s ever-changing playground – where water meets wind. Every day we are inspired – and humbled – by nature’s engineering genius and her beautiful, intuitive simplicity. To that we add cutting-edge technology from the world’s best design workrooms and decades of performance expertise. The launch of our 2020 collection marks a re-set moment for the North Kiteboarding brand, pivotal to our growth and future trajectory. 

Mystic aimed to create a range of equipment that embraced modern technologies and techniques, which in combination with the riders’ natural physical skills would allow them to reach and even surpass their maximum potential. Mystic wanted to create products that push riders further, allowing riders to break all the existing boundaries and take the sport to a totally new level.

Mystic has become an innovative trailblazer in the kite and windsurfing worlds. By combining durability, quality, innovation and technology Mystic has sealed its reputation as a force to be reckoned with on an international scale. Mystic is expanding, having recently transferred the innovative designs and high quality from their kite and windsurfing products over to wakeboarding.

NeilPryde Windsurfing is the original Pryde Group brand and the benchmark for quality and performance in the windsurfing business. NeilPryde sails and rigs have won over 50 World Titles, dominate competitive windsurfing at national and international levels, and hold the current speed world record. NeilPryde Windsurfing has been the official supplier of windsurfing sails, rigs and boards to the Barcelona, Beijing and London Olympic Games and is set to continue in Rio de Janeiro 2016 and Tokyo 2020.



NeilPryde Waterwear & Accessoires DESIGNED FOR THE WATER, BATTLING THE WIND. NeilPryde has been a legacy in the wind water sports for nearly 50 years. What makes the brand so unique is not only the constant innovation and cutting-edge technology that flows into each single product we make, it is for its most the passion that we share with our founder Neil Pryde for the sport itself, knowing the elements water as well as wind like no other brand.

At NeilPryde we design to win; each product is made with the ambition to help athletes as well as recreational riders get the most out of their session on the water, having the most fun out there and still staying warm and safe at the same time.

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