Can you let me know about how you guys found the location and when that was? First impressions? How difficult was it to set up there? Please describe your set-up and what clients can expect. What separates this location / your set-up from anywhere else?

Some of the islands are about 1-2 hours away by boat from where we live in El Gouna. Even though they were explored years back, they weren’t known enough to many Egyptians and foreigners. We believe these untouched paradise-like islands deserve much more recognition than what it has now.  We sought at looking into how we can make the kiting experience on a bare island comfortable and more enjoyable, and thus, we came up with the concept of The Kite Voyage. Flat and crystal-clear waters, strong winds, and amazing company is what this voyage is all about. The concept of the Kite Voyage is to provide you with not only the best kiting conditions across the world, but also to spread the stoke and make sure everyone is having an unforgettable experience.

The Kite Voyage is a Kite Safari that takes you on 7 days all-inclusive trip out at sea visiting some of the most pristine islands in the Red Sea with unmatched kiting conditions. The yacht accommodates up to 26 people and provides both wind and no wind activities. Each day the yacht travels to different spots and islands to exhibit a variety of secluded kitesurfing beaches. The moment you wake up, you find a beach set-up ready for you to join. We setup a big shade to keep kiters out of the sun during their resting period. Snacks and beverages are readily available to keep everyone hydrated. And of course some music to elevate the mood to the next level. 2 zodiacs move back and forth between the island and the boat in case kiters want to move freely for a quick nap or enjoy another activity. Our beach boys, rescue team, and zodiacs are always alert and there to help you out. Our Cabrinha Egypt team riders are always there to provide for some tips and tricks to improve your riding skills. Our no wind activities, and also, all day activities, include wake-boarding and foiling behind our 2 zodiacs, snorkeling, stand-up paddling, volley ball, yoga, racket, bonfire, and even swimming with dolphins and of course some amazing parties at night. Not only that, but our photographer/videographer will also capture all these unforgettable moments for you!

The Kite Voyage is hosted by the Cabrinha Egypt Team and Discovery Kite, offers the latest Cabrinha kites and boards for everyone to try and test out free of charge, has certified IKO instructors on board to provide beginner / progression / and foiling lessons, and hosts an international rider as the cherry on top showing off some of the most challenging and technical tricks, as well as, providing progression tips to those looking to push their riding to the next level. Most important of all, it’s all about the happy vibes and a group that fits well together, so we always ensure that those joining are like minded and will blend seamlessly.

And finally, tell us why generally you think Egypt is going to be a really popular kiteboarding destination again!

Tourism in Egypt has had its fair share of bad press in the media in the past few years, but it’s back on the rise again and prospering as tourists have regained confidence in the destination.  In 2011, Egypt faced a long overdue revolution and went through radical changes over the following years. We actually appreciate the existence and proud of this revolution as it has forced a lot of reform i