28,300 EGP


Inflatable board is like new.
The foil kit is very slightly used. It has very minor scratches on the front and rear wings with no effect on performance at all.
The Cabrinha Cross wing is in good condition, no repairs. Comes with leash.

Board: INDIANA Wing Foil 6’0 (144L) Inflatable. Also available in the 6’4 size (159L)
Foil: INDIANA DOCKSTART/PUMP FOIL 1100P comes with 50cm and 70cm masts
Cabrinha Crosswing 4m:


With the 6’0 SUP / Wingfoil Inflatable developed by foil expert Gunnar Biniasch, even heavier foilers can fly, with a paddle or with a wing. It is almost indestructible and ideal for traveling. Its construction with woven real double layer, the fiberglass stringers and the thickness of 6 ” make it extremely stiff and direct. The reinforcement of the boxes prevents the board from sagging in front of the foil. The included footstraps can be installed optionally. The handle on the nose helps to get the board through the shore break successfully.

  • Length: 6’0 / 182 cm
  • Width: 28’’ / 71 cm
  • Thickness: 6’’ / 15 cm
  • Volume: 144 L
  • Weight: 9.3 kg
  • Est. Rider Weight: 50-100 kg

Surfer Level:
Beginner ●●OOO
Advanced ●●●●●
Professional ●●●OO

  • Material: Woven Dropstitch, PVC
  • Construction: Real Double Layer, Top & Buttom: Fibreglass Stringer
  • EVA Pad: Square Cut
  • Shaper: Gunnar Biniasch
  • Foil-Connection: 2 x internal 10’’-Tracks

Incl. Footstraps, Wheelie Bag, Mini Double Action Pump, Repair Kit


The Indiana Frontwing 1100 Pump is designed for light wind and small waves. It starts to fly from aprox 5 km/h. Even though this wing has a volume of over 4 liters, it is still fast. Dock starts and pumping are very easy, even for heavy riders. The stabilizer options on the new fuselage enable the angle and position of the stabilizer to be adjusted. This means that the stability and flexibility of the foil can be changed according to personal preference and skill level.

Span: 110cm, Area: 2300cm2, Volume: 4267cm3, Weight: 1350g • Material: 100% Carbon, PET Foam, Epoxy • Production Technique: Steel Mold • Produced in China Includes Wing Sleeve

Consists of:
– Indiana Foil Stabilizer 420
– Indiana Foil Front Wing 1100 P
– Indiana Foil Alu Mast 90cm (with Sleeve)
– Indiana Foil Baseplate Alu (incl. Zinc Anode & Screws)
– Indiana Foil Set of Mast / Fuselage Screws
– Indiana Foil Set of Stab Angle Adaptors
– Indiana Foil Surf Fuselage (incl. Cartridge)


Sizes: 4m

Designed for riders looking for an efficient power source to use with many types of watercraft, the all-new Crosswing is the simplest form of wind driven power you can hold in your own two hands. The Crosswing is a compact, fully controllable inflatable wing with an incredibly wide range of use on water or land.

Its simplicity is unmatched. The Crosswing is free of control lines, there is no mast, no separate boom or a control bar. Everything you need to fly the wing is contained in its fully integrated form. Once you inflate the wing (in 20 seconds or less), it is ready to fly.

The Crosswing is instantly compatible with many boards currently in use, from foil boards to SUPs to snowboards or skateboards, making it the perfect tool to fly yourself across any body of water or land.


1 Strut, Leading Edge Inflatable Dihedral swept profile.


Rigid Frame: the inflated outline and boom provide structure and performance at a fraction of the weight of aluminium
Water Friendly: The Crosswing floats in a resting state on the water until you are ready to pick it up and fly
Transportability: the inflatable airframe technology eliminates the need for large and heavy physical spars, the deflated wing packs itself into a travel-friendly size
Nano Ripstop canopy, the new bench mark in durability, stability & responsiveness. Double strength, same weight.
High Tenacity Dacron Leading Edge
Integrated EVA grab handles
Kevlar wingtip reinforcement
Sprint Inflation Valve
Safety wrist leash
No Mechanical parts
Extremely safe operation
Refined low end performance for maximum upwind ability
Exceptionally light weight design