Used 2018 NEIL PRYDE CRX BOARD 145cm + Straps

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Condition: Good condition, scratches on bottom, condition shown in pictures. 


The CR:X board has been designed to be ridden in two distinctly different modes for varying conditions and race formats.

Twin Tip Mode
This setup allows the board to be used as a normal, bi-directional kiteboard. The board is designed to be used by kiteboarders of all skill levels: from beginners all the way up to twin tip racers. The twin tip mode is best suited for stronger winds, course racing or compact boardercross race formats.


The board has a moderate rocker line with a modern straight outline, suitable for the first time rider through to a top end racer. The stance widths and binding positions can be adjusted to accommodate a range of athlete weights and sizes. The board’s core is made from a sustainable Paulownia wood, with tough hard wearing ABS rails and a durable fibreglass laminate. The board has a stiff flex characteristic, ideal for both the twin tip or hydrofoil modes.

145 x 45cm

Paulownia wood core, ABS rails, strong fiberglass lamination and full deck of EVA.

Titanium screws reduce corrosion; all hardware has the same 5mm hex head that can be mounted with one tool – which is supplied.

Twin Tip: Three stance options to suit variety of rider sizes

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Weight 7 kg

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